Migrants project


Introduction and social integration

Project description
The Project is basically meant at giving simple jobs opportunities and basic Italian language knowledge to migrants who are legally resident in Italy hosted by the Italian Red Cross, so that they can become autonomous and socially integrated.
Based on the previous two years’ experience in the “Migrants Project” (see www.progettomigrantirotary.com), it was clear that, generally speaking, the migrants arriving in Italy do not have any specific skills.

Therefore, keeping in mind that Italians are often not prepared to perform some “humble” simple jobs, it was decided, together with the Italian Red Cross, to check which of such jobs could be suitable for the migrants. In cooperation with AFOL, a well known training Institute, vocational trainings have been performed to check the interest and the attitude of each of the migrant assisted by IRC in Milano.

The courses selected are:
– Cleaning services
– Warehouse attendant
– Geardeners
– Motor vehicles servicing
85 persons have been selected and they are now attending the above mentioned courses.

As detailed into the agreement protocol with AFOL, the migrants who will receive the course’s diploma, will be led to selected Companies, which have with AFOL a specific agreement for apprentices instruction.
Farther-more AFOL will give its assistance to migrants and to the concerned companies during all the apprenticeship period. The Italian Red Cross will keep track of them, because during the first year of their working life they will still be accommodated in the Italian Red Cross camps.
The project will be completed by June 2019

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